What I learn in Avodas Hashem (the service of G-d) from programming - Not to always take things at face value

A program is often measured by how many lines of code it has; if it has many lines of code, it is considered big, if it has few, it is considered small. But this is not always correct. There can be a program which has very few lines of code, but is extremely powerful and does something humongous, and the other way around too.

Recently, I was learning Torah, and I came up to a certain part, and thought, "This is huge! It looks like it will take a long time to finish!".

After a moment, I realized that I can take a lesson from programming, and measuring a program by lines of code: Here I was, measuring the length of this chapter of Torah by its size, but it may be very easy to understand, and enjoyable! The same way a very small program can be very powerful, a very big chapter in Torah, which may be assumed at first glance to be hard (judging by its size) can be easily understandable.

So, I learnt the Torah chapter, and it was not too hard, and it was very enjoyable!

The lesson: Not to take things the way they may seem, but to try to see beyond the "first glance", to the "big picture".

In memory of Harav Menachem Mendel A"H ben YLCHT"A Harav Reuven Tzvi Yehudah Sheyichyeh.

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